Reoccurring motor/transmission/regen noise?

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Feb 27, 2020

Has anyone had reoccurring motor noise when decelerating or accelerating?

My car sounds like an combustion engine downshifting every-time I let off the accelerator. It also makes a loud whirling noise when accelerating too (not pedestrian warning noise...). It is progressively getting worse. At 10k the dealer replaced the regen motor and the noise disappeared for about another 10k. It is now back at 20k and getting quite annoying.

I see that there was one post saying they had to get their transmission replaced and that seemed to fix it.

I am concerned this will be a reoccurring problem.

I think you are probably right that it's a problem in the transmission. I don't know if KIA supply transmission components or just the complete assembly. Could you perhaps source one from a breakers yard?
hi pacesetter.

it had the same sound, transfer case change but again sound.
Take the box apart, but it was perfect.

The fault is the engine, changed under warranty.
I am driving a used (2019) EV. Still haven't figured it all out, though. After a week of no driving, I noticed a rhythmic thumping noise as I put the car back on the road. I suspected the transmission had been in PARK too long. I was able to eliminate the thumping noise by rocking the car forward-and-back, gently, while the motor is engaged and the transmission in the PARK position. There was a faint adjustment "click", then the car cruised along the asphalt without a murmur. Nice! Easy! ;)