Repeated discharge if 12 volt battery

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Jan 30, 2023
My lovely 202p Edition One Soul EV has one problem which is so bad I am considering changing the car
At random times usually at least a week but sometimes y weeks I go to the car and it is dead. I have to use emergency key to get in and jumping it from another car gets it going.

The 12v battery has been changed twice and Kia have had it back for a total of 6 weeks and reloaded all the software but it still fails just when I am in a hurry

I was told that it was the emergency telephone system firing off by itself which it would do repeatedly as we have no mobile signal at home but a supposed fix has made no difference. Any ideas before I abandon the car
You could routinely charge the 12V battery with a suitable charger say overnight once or twice a week. Using a modern chip-controlled charger, it is not necessary to disconnect the battery. Some chargers (e.g. CTEK) come with a lead you can permanently connect to the battery posts and route to a handy location.