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Aug 31, 2021

I am reaching out to Kia EV owners who would be interested in taking part in a university research project. I am working on my Ph.D. dissertation at Indiana State. I am an EV owner myself.

The study centers around EV batteries. Any type of EV built between 2010-2020 is eligible. All EV data will be from North American or European based-vehicles sold during model years 2010-2020. I have already obtained over 350,000 lines of data. Data collection started in March 2021. Data can be from any EV, but it cannot be a hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Data from log files created in any app (Soul Spy, etc...) would be very useful. Data should include charging level (Level 1,2,3), dates, time, battery state of health (SOH), charging time, and quick charges. The temperature during the charge will be accepted; if available. Other data will be accepted but will scrubbed down to only those fields helpful for the study. Any data gathered will have all personally identifiable information erased from it. Data scrubbing will include removing information related to location (latitude and longitude), VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and profile name. All data will remain confidential. None of the data will reside on a Local Area Network (LAN) within a file server. Data will be stored in the cloud at one of Googles’ data centers in the eastern United States. Cloud SQL will be used to structure the data. The HTTPS protocol will be used to update and access cloud-based data to ensure security.

Please contact me at [email protected] to participate. Log files should be zipped and include the Year and Model information.

Thank you,
Doug Ferrier, M.S., ITIL., Ph.D. (Candidate)