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Feb 18, 2020
Jersey, English Channel Islands
Its worked faultlessly since I got the car in 2020, but now, when I plug in, it starts charging immediately. I've checked the settings and when I close the interface, I get the confirmatory message to plug in and it will charge at the set time. I disconnected the 12V battery for a few hours to see if that could reset whatever glitch has arisen, but it didn't help. Any ideas, other than take it to the dealer, which I will do - just wondering if anyone else has had this and what the cure was? I'm guessing a replacement OBC or maybe the BMS?
Yes I have had a similar glitch before.
( Assuming this isn't just the override button pushed in by mistake. )
It is more likely a navigation computer glitch then the OBC.
I fixed it by reinstalling the navigation software.

I think that the schedule override button is pushed (to the right of the headlight height adjustment knob).

Hope that helps.

Many thanks. You are both correct. It was indeed the override button, which I must have pressed when fumbling around for the heated steering wheel button. Haven't used it all summer, hence the fumbling :D The problem is that the steering wheel spoke obscures the panel. C'est la vie.

I could kick myself, because I knew about that button, but clean forgot - old age :(