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Oct 23, 2014
Hey guys,

do you know if the most recent Kia Soul steering wheel issue recall affects Soul EVs as well?


Has anyone been called back to the dealer for a check in?
It says it does affect the Soul EV and that the recall will start December 22nd.

I believe the steering is common between the EV and gasoline Souls that have the selectable steering effort.
I'm in the Toronto area and called a Kia of Richmond Hill last week about this. Was advised there is no recall for my VIN (a 2016) ... seemed a little suspect and now I'm thinking it was because of the Dec. start date. I'm watching the steering closely for any unusual noise or play, but will likely check back again with them in Jan 2016.

The above reads like pulp fiction. "Pop" included...

Too bad I can't drive it, now that winter has arrived in sunny California. Car begins with 88 miles in the morning. I don't want to fight it, doing my 82-mile commute. Not willing to drive 58 mph on freeways to make it home, with no heat to boot. It gets down to mid 40s at night. Battery is just not taking the electrons charging at night. Even our Spark is showing loss of range right now.

Plus Kia has got too many miles on it anyway, over 25,000. We should be at 16,000 about now (15,000 miles per year lease).
Bought my 2015 Soul+ EV on 2/9/15 , (Cerritos Kia, CA) and have not received any recall notices, mail or e-mail, or phone calls. I just checked with my VIN and see that my VIN has "Open Recalls:2". The only 1 showing is Accelerator-Pedal Fracture.
I'll call the Kia number and find out what to do next.
I called my local dealer (Renton, WA). They looked up my VIN and said I was eligible.
They also said I can bring it in BEFORE I get the notice from Kia. I am taking it in this Sat (Dec 19)

Hopefully I will get new firmware to fix the flashing guess-o-meter bars, and I am pushing them to give me the maps update.
Did the recall and got the steering wheel fixed today.
Took about 20 mins. They raise the car. Take off a cover under the motor, and attach a clip to the base of the steering wheel.
I did 10,000km service at the same time.
They rotated the 4 tyres without charge.
I paid for a new air-con filter. (Necessary because I am 500km downwind of the Beijing smog - the old one was black!)
Seattle, WA.
I received my letter today, but as I said before, I already had the service performed a few weeks ago just by asking for it.
When I had my Soul EV in they did the steering recall, rear seat belt cover, and the low voltage DC-DC. This is the Technical Service Bulletin the Tech gave me on it.
I bought my 2015 Soul EV in Georgia, and have since moved to Raleigh, NC. I've been getting service recall notices regarding the steering wheel. I've taken the car to the two local Kia dealers, and neither of them will touch the car - even though the steering wheel is the same as in the Soul ICE car - as they say they are not certified to work on it.

Not sure what I should do - I can either drive to a dealer in Georgia for the repair - several hundred miles away - or wait until the Kia dealers in NC start selling and repairing EVs, which may be never - or drive the car until the steering breaks, causing an accident that I can sue Kia for, if I survive it.
You could try giving Kia USA a call about it

I suspect they are going to say you need to go to an EV certified dealer, there may be one closer than Georgia that they can find.

I can understand the dealers not wanting to work on it from a liability point of view plus while the steering itself is the same then the bits around it (undertray etc) are going to be different.
From December 2015 -
JejuSoul said:
Did the recall and got the steering wheel fixed today.
Took about 20 mins. They raise the car. Take off a cover under the motor, and attach a clip to the base of the steering wheel.
I took the car in for the latest recall on the same issue. Here are some photos of the recall notice, and the technician fixing the steering wheel bolt.
Again it only took about 20 mins.