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Feb 25, 2020
I’m in Canada and trying to get the Konnwei 902 adaptor to work with the full version of Soul EVspy on a 2021 Kia Soul EV Limited.

My Android tablet connects to the dongle, but when I look at the battery map it’s a bunch of grey boxes. Any troubleshooting ideas?

Edit: I carefully re-followed all the directions and it worked, so it was clearly operator error on the first try, and I’m not too proud to admit it! :) Thank you to Jejesoul and everyone else who worked on this for us! :D
In a thread over on the first-gen Soul EV forums (here: about SoulEVspy, it says the BMS won't calculate and/or cough up a SOH number until after a few cycles where you drain the car relatively low (such as below 10%) and/or relatively high (higher than 90%).

I *never* do this. I normally stick to the 40-60% range. A big day would be moving the range used to 30-70%. I went with the 64 kWh version of the car because it had nicer feature (such as the heads-up display) and I felt the larger battery would help ensure that it lasted the life of the vehicle. I got the OBDII adaptor and SoulEVspy to track how far out of whack any of the cells are, to look for the need to charge it to 100% fore rebalancing purposes. I don't intend to charge to 100% for any other reason. It sounds like a possibility that I may never get a SOH reading from the BMS for the life of the car, if I'm never draining it low and rarely (if ever) charging it full. Thoughts?