What's fixed in 170069 Logic Improvement?

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Apr 6, 2015
I have never brought my '16 Soul EV back to the dealership until my tire hit a nail recently. In addition to the service action 17005 - Logic for Climate Control System Improvement as mentioned here: http://www.mykiasoulev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7006#p7006 , I also got a service action 170069 - Logic Improvement & Inspection & Replacement.

Any idea what is 170069 all about? Thanks
Sounds like the On Board Charger. My dealer is useless, but I think it means that they are meant to flash it to the new firmware, inspect it to see if it is about to fail and replace it if necessary.

My dealer messed up, said I needed a replacement but after having my car for the entire day finally worked out that Kia was telling them to not replace it. To add insult to injury they then lost the cover to the fuse box / OBD port and took another full day to return it.
You're right.

SA170069- obc logic improvement or replacement, The Service Action is to improve the on board charging system, if the test had failed to accept the update a new obc (on board charger) would be replaced and covered under warranty.
I took my car in today and got this fix. They told me it would update the OBC and allow them to test that it is working.

After installing the update my 2015 car behaves as a 2016. In cars MY2016 and after the maximum charging limit is reduced by 10%.
They told me the test was successful and that there was no problem with my OBC.
However when we plugged it in and tested, (I insisted on this test), charging failed.
They have ordered me a new OBC.

I will post a full report about this, and all follow-up comments on the Charging Fault error. thread
This fix is also called Service Action 306

I had my OBC changed last week. (MY2015, 42,000km)
A few days after having the OBC Update.
I had the Error Code - P1CF5.
Now it's fixed.

Am cross-posting this to the Charging Fault Error thread and will continue discussion there.
Got the update this week as well while performing recall RC111: