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Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2022 6:48 am
by JejuSoul
Nigel wrote: Mon Aug 15, 2022 6:30 pm I've had my replacement battery for a couple of months now on my 2016 Soul EV. ... this range is real with 100% coming in at 190 to 192km. Simple math on the range almost points to a 31kWh battery???... Has anyone else had this experience?...
My reality is the same as yours.
It is now 2 1/2 years since I had the battery replaced on my white 27kWh 2015 Soul EV.
I've driven over 40,000km on the new battery.
All testing I have done shows an actual useable capacity of 30kWh.

See :- Analysis of a replacement battery.


Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2022 1:48 pm
by Calaveras
I just got my 2017 Soul EV back from the dealership and they replaced the traction battery. It has been more than 6 months.

I drove it 60 miles and the guessOmeter still shows 40 miles of range. That is a good indicator. I will drive my normal 48 mile round trip commute twice next week without charging and see what it shows.
I am very happy with the warranty replacement with no fuss, but disappointed that it took so long. I have 50,000 miles in 5 years and I am hoping to get another 50k in 5 years of it.

Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2022 8:32 pm
by BEC
jray3 wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2022 6:10 pm SOULSPY says I’m now down to 40.5% SOC and range has been falling like a rock, rarely above 50 miles at 100% SOC in the past week, so I’m turning it in for a rental tomorrow, which I’ll keep for the months ahead till my SOUL is whole. Took all week to get a car lined up due to low inventory at Enterprise. Nope, they wouldn’t turn over the keys for that EV6 on the lot!
Heck, I’d settle for a new Niro EV…..

Similar story here. I haven’t yet turned ours in for a rental car, though I did discuss that with the folks at Kia of Puyallup this past Monday. In order to do that I have to leave the car there, and was told that there is some delay in getting a car from Enterprise….though a week seems a bit daunting.

My GOM range on a full charge is down to 35 miles and seems to drop about 1 estimated mile with every attempt to do a full charge. I am finding that a Level 3 DC charger (my usual one at Fred Meyer in Redmond) pretty much stops charging at ~72%, and even level 2 charge rate tapers off dramatically for the last 10% or so. When the battery was still above 70% SOH, the level 2 charge times reflected the lower usable capacity (3 hours to full instead of 4) but now that is no longer true.

Last time I heard from Kia corporate, my battery was somewhere between having been built in Korea and arriving in port in California. I was told at the time (about three weeks ago now) that they were fulfilling mid-June replacement battery orders, so I could expect mine to be available mid-September.

I don’t know how much more we can milk it before I give up and have them get me that rental. We’ve begun only charging to 80% overnight, even though that gives a GOM range of 26 miles in the morning.

I also got a fright climbing a hill a few days ago. I was going up the west side of the valley at 55 mph on a fairly steep hill — one that has always been fun to scoot up in the Soul — when the car dropped into turtle mode and reduced power. I was 2/3 of the way up the hill and in the left lane when this happened. Scary. Once I got to the top, no more turtle mode and I haven’t seen it since. I have also noticed that regen on a downhill is flaky. Clearly the BMS is trying really hard to protect that weakest cell (#24).

I sure hope that when the new battery finally gets here I have similar results to those of you who have gotten new, better batteries installed.

Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2022 7:10 am
by jray3
Good news; Corporate says that my battery shipped this week! No updates from Puyallup KIA though. A word on getting a Niro EV. When I turned in the SOUL for a loaner car, they of course wanted to gimme an econobox, but I negotiated up to a Grand Cherokee, since no EVs were available. That beast returned 23.6 mpg over the next 2600 miles on a family road trip, about the same as our minivan would’ve. I then checked back w Enterprise, and turns out they have a Niro EV in the fleet, expected back soon! I swapped the Cherokee for the Niro a few daze later, and it has returned 256 to 301 miles RR after full charging! Bernard, I’d happily conspire to get this Niro to you next if my battery swap is finished first, send a PM.

Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2022 3:03 pm
by jray3
My SOUL has been restored! After only a test drive, received car at 83% SOC and 107 mi RR. Will exercise over the next few daze and see how it sorts out, and take some SoulSPY readings. Dealer invoice to KIA Corporate was about $25k total, with approx $14,500 worth of battery. They quoted a $2500 core charge if I wanted to keep the battery. Cheap enough to be tempting for about 10 usable kWH of LiPo, but not when I've got lower mileage LFP on hand for the long list of DIY projects.
Zero data on the new pack, no other intel collectible from the service advisors...
Puyallup KIA has finally replaced their dead DCFC with a Tritium dual-standard pedestal, but it's been lit up yet nonfunctional for two weeks now...

Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2022 3:06 pm
by BEC
Wow — good to hear. When I last spoke with Linda at Kia corporate (9/8) she said there were 10 ahead of me to get a new battery. You must’ve been one of them.

How long after the battery shipped did it take for it to be received in Puyallup and then installed?

We still have the Soul. I’ve been charging it to 80% which gives ~24 miles on the GOM. I’ve also had it drop into “turtle mode” several times now. First it was going up a big hill, but yesterday it was just cruising on I-5 in Tacoma at traffic speed of about 65 mph. It did it again on the way back from Tacoma Mall…and once it dropped out I could force it back in by just putting my foot down.

Regenerative braking has also been….odd, especially if it’s above about 60% state of charge indicated. (Ah, looking at my prior post, I think I’m repeating my self a bit).

Just took a look with SoulSpy. Battery state of health is down to 35.4% Cell 24 is showing the worst deterioration at 71.4%. Cell 1 is showing zero deterioration. Sounds like SK Innovation had some process issues.

Between the two I can see that the BMS is doing it’s doggondest to keep me from doing something really horrible with the worst cell in the battery.

Will PM about the Niro EV.

Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2022 8:23 pm
by BEC
jray3 wrote: Wed Sep 14, 2022 3:03 pm Puyallup KIA has finally replaced their dead DCFC with a Tritium dual-standard pedestal, but it's been lit up yet nonfunctional for two weeks now...
I was down there today dropping off our Soul EV for its new battery (not yet shipped from California, but hopefully while we are out of town) so that we could get the rental car thing started. I poked Gavin behind the desk a bit about that charger, which is now coned off. He said they have been waiting for three weeks now for someone from the folks who put it in to turn on whatever feature it needs to have activated so that they can charge for usage…..

Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2022 1:43 pm
by BEC
UPDATE: I got a call from LInda at Kia corporate on Friday morning (November 11th) reporting that my battery (and 24 others!) had been shipped from the California checkout site on Wednesday. I then called my service adviser at Kia of Puyallup and gave him that information (he had not, apparently, gotten any sort of notification). He went into his parts system and told me that indeed two Kia Soul EV replacement batteries were expected there that day. (There is another Soul EV besides ours at their shop awaiting a battery.)

So….it looks like my original guesstimate when the Techline case was opened in early July that we’d have the new battery installed by Thanksgiving is on track. Or maybe we are a bit ahead that timeframe. The service advisor told me that since the car was already there (they’ve had it for about six weeks now and we have a rented Toyota Corolla in the driveway that they supplied since a couple of days after that), that they’d just pull it in and work on it once the battery was actually on hand. And I’ve already been told I can drop the rental off at the dealership when that time comes, which will save running two cars down there.

I have not heard whether the battery did actually arrive yesterday or not, but I will check with them early next week to see where things are.

I am sure looking forward to not having to spend $50-60 to fill our Mazda 3 up every 10 days or so, but to go back to once every couple of months instead. In fact, if we really do get a better-than-original battery as some have suggested we will, and our range goes up to a consistent ~100 miles (at least in warm weather) then the Mazda might go back to being even more lonely….except for road trips.

Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2022 8:01 pm
by BEC
Well, the Soul EV is back in the driveway, showing 101 miles of range on the GOM with a full charge. If that turns out to be real, I will be well and truly satisfied with the replacement/upgrade (well, as long as the battery holds up, anyway).

The plan to help the battery live longer than the first one is to set the overnight charge timer to bring it to 80% and only charge to 100% when we need the extra range for the day. We shall see how doable that really is. But if this 1 mile per percent of battery charge is real, it will have nearly the same range on an 80% charge as it did on a full change when it was new in September of 2016.

Soul Spy (unsurprisingly) shows no state-of-health info yet on the “CAR’ screen. Going into the winter now, it’s unlikely that the conditions necessary to get the BMS to update that info are going to happen until April or May….so we shall see how it goes. Maybe I need to start using the trip meter to monitor how well the GOM actually is guessing.

@jray3, it looks like the fast charger in front of Kia of Puyallup is now live (my card was plugged into the CHAdeMO side of it when I got there to pick it up), but the CCS Combo side was ICE’d with one of their own vehicles when I was there :oops:

There was another blue/white Soul EV in the next spot over — I’m presuming this is the one that got the other battery they received the other day.

Re: Battery Backorder? Since Nov '21

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2022 8:46 am
by jdohe79179
Hi, I'm new to the forum. I just been approved for a battery pack replacement part number 37510E4200R which from my research is a remanufactured battery pack assembly. My dealer released the car back to me pending arrival of the replacement parts. my State of Health is at 56.5%. It seems that there is not a consistent understanding about whether there is warranty issue concerning the release of the car back to me while waiting for the parts. Has anyone run into this issue that they wouldn't honor the warranty due to the release of the car back to customer. Also is there a different time frame for delivery of remanufactured batteries vs new batteries? If anybody has input, please respond.