12V Auxiliary Battery Reset Steps - battery issues since replacement

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Nov 6, 2019
I had a Kia dealership replace my 12V Auxiliary Battery on Monday and since then I've noticed the following issues and I'm wondering if there are additional steps that you need to do to 'reset' things after a 12v battery swap. In my Honda I have to reset the stereo, driver window..etc.

  • Same commute the day before 12V replacement would take a battery percent per mile, so instead of 10%/10m, I now get 15%/10m
    Main battery charges slower on the same Level 2 charger, charge to 100% from 15% should take 4 hours issue, it was still charging after 8.
    I disabled my main battery charging schedule to go to 100% and it ignored the button being engaged so capped at 80% set by my schedule

I've looked in the manual and been Googling without success. I'll call the local Kia with authorized EV service techs to see what they say. Any help would be great, thanks!