2017 Soul EV charging issue. Stops on 85%

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Mar 10, 2022
Hello everyone. One week ago i was surprised, when the car stopped to charge on 85% and shows about 100 miles range. One day before i had a long trip and got back to the parking on ''turtle'' mode with only 12 miles range. After that during all week i can't charge tha car more then 85%. Tried different chargers. Everything looks good when charging. Gets 13 kw from 37 to 85%. No any DTC codes. Everything is ok.
May you have eny same experience?
Any idea how "healthy" your battery is?

I suspect you've rarely, if ever, discharged and recharged your battery and thus the BMS hasn't been able to gauge the battery's health until now. Only a guess, but I'd wager your recent long range trip did just that and finally your car has done a battery calibration thus the new "behavior".
I think "turning turtle" has scrambled some software in the BMS, resulting in the unwanted charging limitation of 85%. I would switch off, disconnect one terminal of the aux. battery, and wait (say) 20 minutes to give capacitance in the electronics time to discharge. Then reconnect, which will make the BMS reboot, and see if the problem has cleared. You will have to set the radio selections, etc, again.

The battery SOH looks good (100.3%) , based on your data, assuming yours is a nominal 27kWh battery.