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Oct 22, 2023
My Name is Godfrey and i bought a Kia soul 2017 KNAJX81EUG701838 from the first owner and she drove it for only 4 years it has 20miles on it. and i can't drive it for more than 37kph without showing the battery low after charging it full. the Car still on warranty. May i please have the battery replaced because this is killing me.
Take the car to a KIA dealer as soon as possible. Read this, take a copy with you and draw their attention to the Summary. Dealers usually want to reset the BMS because they think it will "cure" the problem. It won't, but it will cause the data that is needed to be lost, so they must not do that.

If you are too far away from a dealer to drive there, contact the KIA company in your country for their advice. Ideally they should arrange for the car to be transported to a dealer.