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Feb 25, 2019
I am wondering if anyone has had the "Check electric vehicle system" in an orange triangle warning and if so what was the solution? I have seen it in in EV6 forums, older Souls, and some eNiros but not with the Soul (mine is a 2020 Limited)

I got this error in June and have had several parts replaced but it still appears. It is not there every time I drive which of course makes it more irritating.

Thoughts are welcomed.
That's just a general warning, but pulling the Diagnostic Trouble Codes along with listing any past DTCs and what's already been replaced should give more of a clue. Also plz record your 12V actual voltage when that happens.
Thanks jray3 for the comment.

Will note as much as I can when it happens again. I have already had the following replaced (and was without the car for several weeks - rental ICE car and gas provided by KIA):
- Traction control motor

The AC seems to be always unavailable when it happens and that is apparently normal to reduce the load on the system. I also read that if the error occurs you cannot charge beyond 80% (not a big problem for me) - and I have not checked that.

The error does not always appear when you start the car and it normally happens a few kilometers after starting. I will keep notes more accurately.

I was monitoring the 12V battery via a Bluetooth device but have removed it for my trip to the dealership, but I do have a plugin USB monitor that shows the voltage.

The dealer needs the error to be showing when I take the car in because the system apparently does not store the errors - NUTS!
The codes not being stored could be a clue. With the right tool the dealer should be able to read both the stored codes and the "pending" codes. There are faults that need to be triggered multiple times before the code and error light will actually be displayed. This is to eliminate 'nuisance errors' that inevitably pop up from time to time but aren't easily repeatable.
Thanks once again - very interesting comments.

I just drove nearly 40km and no warning light so I won;t be taking it to the dealer who wants me to drive in with a "live" error showing. Today it not that warm so the AC did not come on but I will do another test drive tomorrow and I suspect it will be warmer to see if that is part of the triggering. Will report when the next error shows.
I get that warning, but only in the cold months, so I think it's connected to the HVAC system. I have read the codes with the light on, and nothing shows, so my dealer says there's no knowing what the cause is. The lamp usually goes out if I switch off and on again. It's been doing it for nearly 2 years, but everything still works, so I've given up worrying.
Thanks IanL,
I appreciate your comments.

I got caught in the supply chain mess and don't want to end up with waiting for yet another part so I will drive around a lot more based on your comment and see if that scenario happens to me. I have yet to turn it off and get it back when I simply turn on again, but I have had it return after a few kilometers.

Mine has only happened in HOT weather, but of course the heat/cool systems are related as in HVAC! We shall see.
Felt I should tell the end of my story - i hope!

I got my car back just before Christmas - apart from the few days in Sept it was at the dealership for 2 days less than 6 months.

The length of time was entirely due to supply chain deliveries. KIA provided a rental for most of that time and paid for gas. They also replaced my 12V battery as a goodwill gesture and checked the brakes . The major issue was delivery of parts. They were rainbow dates! Every time they appeared they shifted. I know a lot more about KIA support now.

The car is doing well again - I checked each cell and they are perfectly balanced - well to two decimal places!
Just to bring my comments up to date, I managed to get my car to show the warning at the dealers, and they applied the KIA diagnostic tablet to the OBD port. It showed Fault No B185A, which is 3-way valve open (presumably when it should be shut). We could also see the fault by using the the Built-in diag (see where it shows as Fault No 108. The fault does not display on SoulEV Spy or Torque - I guess it is a private manufacturer's code.

The valve was replaced today and, so far, the fault has not returned.
In the U.S. I had a problem with that warning message in a 2017 KIA Soul EV.
It was November 16, 2022. I noticed it after the car abruptly stopped powering the drive wheels while going 35mph in cruise control. The wheels locked up as if I had applied the brakes for an emergency stop.
I had power in the cabin, but the car would not move. It did not move again for 10 months and one week.
It was a cool morning, the AC was not in use, nor was the heat.
I was told that the interconnector and drive motor were replaced.
George Huebschman