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Apr 25, 2020
Recently bought a used 2016 KIA Soul Ev with only 4900 miles on it and a couple months after I bought it the heater stopped working. I noticed it right away when it left a burning plastic smell, so i quickly turned it off. Any ideas what caused this? I've used the heater a lot this winter in Colorado, and all a sudden it stopped working. I can't turn it on because it smells like its burning something made of plastic.

Will KIA fix it under warranty? So far my experience with this car is not good. What other surprises am I going to expect down the road?

I hear the batteries rapidly deteriorate due to poor cooling as well, just like Pre-2019 Nissan Leafs. Should I just fix the heater and sell this car before it turns into a total loss for me?
Why wouldn't KIA fix it under the warranty? Afaik, nothing is excluded except servicing parts. If the propulsion battery drops below 70% capacity, it will be changed under the warranty.
On the topic of LEAF vs Soul in regards to battery degradation: while not as good as liquid cooling - I take more comfort in the Soul with its active air cooling vs the LEAFs passive cooling approach. However, it is surprising how many batteries need to be replaced in the Soul prior to the warranty running out - but ironically I take more comfort in that then the LEAFs where it seems most of them didn't dip below 70% until after the warranty ran out so...

I bought mine used figuring I'd need to replace it as it was a taxi - but so far I've had zero degradation in my battery a year after purchase and adding 15,000km to the odometer. Ironically, I wish it would drop off a cliff so I could get it replaced - then flip it for profit OR baby the hell out of the replacement if I keep it. But as a week ago: 88% SoH.

As for the heater issue - I vaguely recall that being a known issue that was covered under warranty. I know it sucks to buy a new-to-you vehicle only to have issues shortly after - but it happens. Hopefully you should still have coverage and will be made right in short time.

As for your final question about what to do with it: that's something you'll have to decide for yourself. Personally I'd only sell mine if I had an upgrade lined up - newer make/model with a bigger battery & longer range, or perhaps if something changed in my life that forced me to do so.

Wishing you the best when it comes to your current issue!
Thanks, yeah, when I bought the car it used to show a range of 105 on the GOM, I've put about 5k miles on it since, and now the GOM ranges from 88 to 99, which I think is rated based on the way you drive. I just hope the battery lasts long enough, so when I do get a new battery, hopefully, it won't cost as much.

I can't believe what KIA wants for a new battery! I could buy a nearly new petrol car for what they want for a new battery. Last I checked they were selling for around 14-15k USD. That is a ridiculous price. They really need to come down on price on these batteries.