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Feb 25, 2019
KIa informed me that the 2020 EV qualifies for 2 map update per year for 10 yrs from the date of purchase - great news. Plus you could download the updates, add to a USB key and install yourself - again great news.

My experience: - I will try to keep it short (honest)
- make sure you opt for the EV version - somehow I ended up with the ICE version first and it is different - no idea why - MapnSOFT were great resolving that issue in a timely fashion.
- the update comes as 2 big downloadable files (and I assume they are attached to your VIN)
- they take about an hour each to download
- the installation onto the USB takes about 2 hrs (and the USB key has to be at least 64Gb - one screen showed 16Gb or over and that is wrong - I have notified them of the error and I expect that will change)
- the actual car installation took around half an hour and was easy

Although this is provided as a "map update" with some navigation interface changes shown in the Features pdf they provide, other interface changes are made that to-date are undocumented:
- the Home screen has only one model (gone is the One Page Home Screen - it is now only the Multi page Home Screen - the menu item giving you the option has disappeared.) - sad because I preferred the One Page with the icon options it allowed you to make but such is progress.
- the Voice Recognition screen has changed - I feel it may be easier
- there are Navigation screen changes which seem good but I haven't used everything yet
- you will lose the EV Economy History - it is reset so if you want a record, take pictures .
- I did not lose any Nav addresses but it did turn the voice on again - easily remedied.

MapNSoft were quick to respond to questions and sounded genuinely interested in what I saw - I felt it was "their fault" initially that some things were changed but I now feel Kia did some interface changes but did not provide details. Not a big deal but it would be nice to know before updating. I will report if I find any other changes.
I would like to share my experience on this free map update:

- I opted for the download option, which is free, otherwise it’s $25 to order the pre-loaded USB.
- I bought a 64G micro sd card hoping that I can download using an USB adapter, this way I can use the sd card in my car cam after. Downloading and installing onto the sd card was successful, but the USB in the car could not read from it.
- Just when I thought I needed to buy a USB stick, the dealership informed me of a recall for the 2020 soul EV, so I took my car in. After the recall was completed, they told me there was also a software update done. To my surprise, the map was also updated to the newest version!

So, to anyone who wish to order the map update, do check with the dealership if they can do the recalls for you, the recalls are not posted out yet but they are available. This will save your hours of downloading and installing yourself. Well you do need to wait at the dealership though.
Great information 2020SoulEV.

I took my car in for changing tires to All Weather on Nov 19 and while it was there I was told it would get 2 software updates. When they checked they found one was already done so it may well be the one or part of the one that came with my map updating experience.

The two updates were as follows:
190062 Logic Improvement
190121 Update for Voice Recognition