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I recommend the Konnwei KW902 for use with Torque Pro.
Available for 16 USD here
I have had one of these for a year. I use it connecting to an android phone over bluetooth.


I added an OBD extension wire with a switch. This solves the possible problems that the KW902 has. 1/drawing power when the car is off. 2/having an insecure password.Tonsiki OBD 2 Cord 16 pin M/F Male to Female Right Angle Diagnostic Extension Cable with Power Switch to avoid battery drain

I pushed the OBD connector back out of its clip to allow room for the plastic cover to be closed. The OBD extension wire is threaded under the steering column so that the switch and adapter can sit under the navigation by the accessory ports.

I use an EXCEL module (v1.5 OBD2).
eBay seller (can find on aliexpress, too).

This module have a bluetooth chip/card manufactured for PC product (it can not freeze over long time sampling like 4 hours).
You can see this because the module is transparent.

Achieve 1 cycle every 2 second on Kia Soul EV (read ALL PIDs values every 2 second).
You can speed up this ... but you loose somes values on every fire.
So i prefer have all values and wait the 2 seconds cycle.

Don't work with "fast communication" algorythm of Torque Pro (the module restart every 10 seconds if you activate this).



This topic is also discussed here -
ELM327’s and derivatives are the devices of choice if you want cheap, run off the mill hardware that works without any DIY. They can be obtained for about 12 euro’s. It is somewhat slow, though we’ve been able to get more out of it than we ever expected. Take good note of the following remarks:

The ELM is designed for OBD-II, diagnostics with a focus on emissions. The Zoe and Fluence ZE use quite different message types that need some tweaking. This makes it prone to firmware versions.
Get a Konnwei / Maxiscan KW902. Others may work, most do not. Especially the 5 Euro blue ones usually do not. We have not noticed different firmware versions in the KW902′s, so as of now it is a safe bet. The advice came from the LeafSpy guys by the way, so it’s not just us, we are simply endorsing that advice, based on our own experience. Here is the quote from the people who build the LeafSpy app:

Due to a recent cost reduction (and feature reduction) many of the cheap ELM327 OBD-II Bluetooth adapters from Asia no longer work with the Leaf and report themselves to be version 2.1. The only one currently recommended is the Bluetooth Konnwei KW902 which still supports all the needed ELM commands to communicate with the Leaf.

The Maxiscan KW902 and the OBDII 2 KW902 Scan Auto Scanner look the same, are probably identical inside and also work.
Note that they are sold with Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. The current Android application only supports Bluetooth.
We have also reports that a OBDLink LX modules work, at least the modules reporting V1.3. They look exactly like a Konnwei / Maxiscan. These will be usable starting CanZE version 1.9. The ones we’ve seen are a lot more expensive than the Konnwei’s though.
We’ve seen another branded version that works. It is called an iKKEGOL® Mini V1.5 Bluetooth Wireless OBD-II (Links: Amazon), but we have not seen it on sale any more and it seems to have slight timing problems. We do not recommend it but you can try if you happen to have one.
The cheapest knock-offs do not work. Most contain stripped logic cramped in the spare room of their Bluetooth controller and these are too limited to work for CanZE.

If you experience problems with dongles other than the KW902, we are unable and frankly, unwilling to help. The KW902 works, it is relatively cheap, and it is simply not worth, if not impossible, to cross check 50 unbranded, unversioned knock off dongles against 75 Android devices. If you insist trying other than the dongles that we know work, you are on your own...
and at the end they state -
IMPORTANT: leaving an ELM327 plugged into the SAE J1962 connector might open up the car to serious security risks. Remember that, defined by the standard, the connector is always powered and at least part of the ECU’s can be awakened even when the car is totally powered down given the proper commands. Since the Bluetooth pairing code is 1234 or sometimes 6789, this is a serious attack vector. Use at your own risk.
My own opinion on the chances of hacking occurring via the OBD are that it is infinitesimally small, and that we should not worry about it. There are only about 20 Soul EV cars in the world with this this hardware. No hacker would ever find a target. And SoulEV2016 has shown that the CanBUS is not fully active when the smartkey is not present. There may be a way to activate it, but we don't know it. No random hacker is ever likely to develop that capability.
That I have an extension cable for my KW902 is more about not having to open and close the plastic cover in front of the fuse box. It is tidier to have the KW902 in the centre compartment. I prefer the cable with the switch, but I don't think it makes any practical difference to get one without, like the one SoulEV2016 has shown.
Thank you for the update.

I picked up the following from the list:

Tonsiki OBD 2 Cord 16 pin M/F

Sigh, I am having no luck as mentioned in the other thread. I asked for 2 refunds already, and twice I had to go to a UPS store and drop it off. Is there any surefire reader that I won't have to return until I get a "good" one?
SoulEV2016 said:
need to read :

SoulEV2016, I picked up the ones that were mentioned in this thread...

Any other suggestions?
SmoothJ said:
... I picked up the ones that were mentioned in this thread...
The KW902 adapter I recommend is the one you bought. It is also the adapter used by the Nissan L-eafSpy software. When you get to A-mazon just check to see that their are positive reviews from Nissan L-eaf owners. If so you have the right one. The link you gave is to a 'good' one.
In Europe the KW902 adapter is the one recommended for the Renault Zoe by the CANZE project.

Am linking here another thread where we discuss problems with this. OBD-II adapter killed by car?
Other discussions about this are mixed up in the SoulSpy thread and the Torque thread on this forum.

SmoothJ said:
.. I turn the car on, plug in the reader, and nothing. So I hit the button and the power light stays solid amber, but the others just b-link and turn off. I tried even without starting the car and its the same issue...

I suggest plugging and unplugging the reader when the car is off. If the power light is on it means you haven't paired the bluetooth yet.

"Another annoying thing is that the dongle does not seem to work anymore. The red power light turns on, but the blue BT light doesn't. Pressing the button doesn't help"

"I had this too, after reboot/restarting my phone I could make a bluetooth connection again. So it is possibly more related to the phone/Torque Pro."

"Unfortunately restarting my phone has not resulted in a new connection with the dongle."

"Did you also try to remove the bluetooth connection on the phone to the Konnwei and try to pair again freshly?"

"My phone is connected to the Soul."

And here's a photo of the dongle to show the colours of the LEDs.

JejuSoul, I tried with the car on/off. All the lights did not turn on, and the first one shorted out my car. The second one would just light up (power only and I could not see it on my phone). The other LEDs (minus BT) would just "blink" and turn off.

I was just thinking of getting the more expensive version, so I hopefully would not be plagued by these issues.
I was having issues getting a decent unit that would work. The two that I had so far either didn't work, or shorted out my CAN bus. So I opted to "splurge" and get a ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth. It was more expensive, but it has a 3 year warranty with it.

SmoothJ: I have some questions regarding your OBDLink MX.

Firstly though this is the adapter recommended for the Mitsubishi i Miev triplets. They use it because it is higher quality and has a much faster frame rate than the cheap ELM327 clones we use. see - Canion

Q1/ Does it work with the TPMS sensors.?
From this link it seems it did not a year or so ago. - Re: Setting up Torque to show BMS data
priusfan said:
... I found why it does not work for him:
He is using an OBDLINK LX and with this device, he receives only the first frame of the full message
That means, he gets only the first 4 bytes.
The device does not consider 7D6 as a standard CAN message (only from 7E0 to 7E7) so it does not generate a CFC (Continuation Frame Control)...
I will try to contact the Torque's developer to find a solution...
Q2/ Why did you choose the more expensive OBDLink MX. instead of the OBDLink LX.?

According to this page - OBDLink LX Bluetooth: - the difference is.
Consider purchasing OBDLink MX if you need access to the proprietary Ford & GM vehicle networks (SW-CAN & MS-CAN) in addition to standard OBD-II protocols.
@JejuSoul, I would need to find out about the TPMS sensors. However when looking though all the PIDs to monitor, I remember seeing something regarding Tire PSI. I will look again and let you know. Also, why did I just go with LX - to be honest I was so annoyed with trying other adapters, so I just wanted something that would work at this point, and because my wife has a Ford so we can us this on her car too.
Confused?? Specs on the LX says on all cars 'except' electric. Please inform me of how it is used. I am a new Soul owner and would very much like to have the Torque for my use.
wabob said:
Confused?? Specs on the LX says on all cars 'except' electric. Please inform me of how it is used. I am a new Soul owner and would very much like to have the Torque for my use.

I have the MX, not the LX model. The use is the same for the other ones mentioned in this thread. The only real difference (that I know of) is the price.