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Mar 1, 2015
So I have a very early 2015 Soul EV at 32K miles, the original battery dropped to 60% SOH when I had the car for only 2 years, and it was replaced. Now at 77K, my replacement battery is due for replacement. Just wondering if anyone has been so “lucky“ as to get 2 free batteries?

Some info for reference. 99% of my charging has been at home on a level 2 charger. Have used the level 3 fast chargers about 40 times in the life of the car. The car has been driven it’s entire life on Maui which is a hot tropical environment. I live at 3000 ft, so one part of the daily round trip is up a mountain.
Here is an example of another car with a second replacement battery. From Facebook page for Kia Soul EV - Aug 25th 2019
It's in Southern California near San Diego so not quite as hot as Phoenix but nearly. Similar to Hawaii?
Jim Robertson said:
So my range was deteriorating over the summer, took it to Kia to be diagnosed. The SOH was 66%, took 2 days to get approved for battery replacement. I will drop it off Monday. This is the second time I will be getting a new battery. The first was at 50,000 miles along with the on board ch arger and now again at 82,000 miles for just the battery. Mine is a 2015
Good luck getting the new battery. Let us know if it is better that the previous two.

ETA for new “refurbished” battery: Jan 2020! Have escalated my case with Kia corporate to see what can be done. If only my Soul EV worked as hard as the Kia folks I have dealt with. Everyone from the dealership to the corp level has been responsive, helpful and friendly.