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Jul 14, 2014
E. side of S.F. Bay
A poster at pointed out that the warranty booklet for the Soul EV has now been posted on Kia's website, and can be found here:

The battery capacity warranty is as follows:

"Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Capacity Coverage
The Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery (“EV Battery”)
Capacity warranty coverage period is 10 years or
100,000 miles from the Date of First Service,
whichever comes first, for capacity loss below 70%
of the original battery capacity. This warranty
covers repairs needed to return battery capacity to
70% of original battery capacity. If possible, the
EV battery components will be repaired or replaced,
and the original EV Battery will be returned to the
vehicle. If necessary, the EV Battery will be
replaced with either a new or remanufactured
Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery. Any repair or
replacement made under this Lithium-Ion Polymer
Battery Capacity Coverage may not return your
Lithium-Ion Battery to an “as new” condition with
the original 100% battery capacity."

In other words, this is twice the years and 40k more miles than the Nissan LEAF's capacity warranty (it essentially matches the claims Nissan made back in 2010 for the battery longevity but didn't warranty, and events proved they were way too optimistic), and two years more than BMW or M-B is offering. In addition, it appears that "the 10 year/100k mile warranty applies to the entire EV system: drive motor, gear drive unit, battery pack, electric power control unit and OBC."