What to watch out for? (Besides Battery Health)

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notfred said:
Battery heater I think can only be determined by using Soul Spy or Torque and watch it heating the battery at low temperatures.

Alternatively you can contact a dealership parts department and ask them to look it up by the VIN. The replacement battery and BMS are different parts with and w/o heater.
mammlouk said:
I am looking at purchasing a 2015 Soul EV with ~44000 miles on it. The non-kia dealer that's selling it had a buyer return it for battery issues. They've got it at the local dealership waiting for a new battery under warranty. Due to it already causing them problems they've reduced the price to ~$9k. If I buy it now knowing that it's sitting at the dealership waiting on the new battery they'll give me another $1000 off. My idea, not theirs. So my main question is if there's anything else specific I need to think about/look at on these vehicles? I'm not too worried that they're going to try and pull anything over on me since they took the car back from the previous buyer when they found out about the battery problems. I also know well enough to get any agreements in writing.

Thanks for any tips!

It's a good Idea to know the State of health or charge of the replacement battery, if it's new or otherwise remanufactured. Without getting too technical, the Battery should show 150 kms range or 93 miles at 22 Celcius or 72 Fahrenheit. Any deviation on the temperature will affect the range. Other then that get an obd ii bluetooth scanner, and download Soul EV Spy to get a deep dive. This obd ii bluetooth scanner & The Soul EV Spy app will give you very granular information.