2016 Soul EV+ Battery Replacement - Remanufactured?

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Did you have an extended warranty?
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This is from the 2017 kia canada warranty book. https://www.kia.ca/en/owners/kia-ownership/warranty#

nope, just regular warranty
try a google search for ;

2017 kia soul ev warranty canada filetype:pdf

(strangely, I don't get the same useful result for your 2016, but the USA warranty appears to be 120 months)

The first hit should be https://www.kia.com/us/content/dam/...ual/warranty-manual/2017_warranty_soul-ev.pdf

so if I change the 2017 in the above link to 2016, it actually finds the file, and in that file is does say 10 years!


good luck!
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good that you started the process! What screwed me was the warranty is from the date of registration, so my car was a 2016, but purchased in September 2015! My battery just dropped below 70% last month. what a pain!
I got 8yrs 150k for powertrain on my 2016, purchased July 2016 - and just did a battery replacement Dec 2023, and just got approved for an OBC change this morning. (got the P1CF5 error code relating to the OBC)
Good timing! Do you know if you got a remanufactured battery? How has it been since the swap?
Yup I got a reman battery. 37510-E4252R @JejuSoul said (somewhere on this forum) that mine is a remanufactured battery. Given the number being E4252 instead of your E4253 he's probably right in saying that it might be the year? I had the gasket and harness recall stuff done at the same time - there was a TSB notice thing so that must have been the recall.

That was done Dec 2023, so it's been 4 months? I took it for some drives out to Chilliwack from Vancouver (hwy speeds 90-100km/h), could probably have made it to harrison hot springs but then would need to L2 charge.... cos no fast chargers nearby. Also did Vancouver to Squamish, got there with about 30% remaining?

Note when I got the car back in Dec it dipped into -5 to -10 C for a few days and it was still showing 150km on the GOM. It's averaging 160km+ at 100% right now. I'm curious to see what it'll be as it warms up.
I am out of warranty as of sept 2023 :( warranty in canada is only 8 years. It's a 2016 with 93,000km. Did you get a remanufactured battery? 108 miles range would be amazing. I am used to below 50 miles
Just as a data point; we started with 107 miles of range yesterday, drove 90.2 miles @ 4.5 M/kWh and have 28% battery (GOM shows 30 miles) remaining. We're in a rural, hilly, area with speed limits of max 55mph.
according to Bjorn Nyland’s testing on his channel, 1st Gen Souls with a replaced battery (30 or 27kwh) or original 30kwh battery tend to do pretty well (he hasn’t gotten it for long and hasn’t decided to actually buy it) and he was testing a frankenstein-ed one that had the 27kwh body and obc, but a replaced battery from a different one.

I’m hoping one day we can order or get parts without shelling out a kidney…
I should be getting the replacement in a couple of weeks, I will just have to figure out how to make it last for as long as possible. Is charging only to 80% still the best way to go? I have the trickle charger at home but access to level 2 at work.
Generally my opinion is to charge to 80 if you don’t need 100% use that if you are going on a road trip or need the remaining 20. Use an OBD scanner with Car Scanner at minimum on road trips to monitor the temps on the battery, but otherwise make sure to plug slow or level 2 each time.

Sometimes I deliberately set the charging schedule so that it’s even below 80 when I start. I read somewhere that the battery is happiest when somewhere between 30 and 80, especially when in storage.

Probably anything else that you’d do to a regular car? Make sure tires are right for the season/weather, at the right pressure, gentle acceleration and not too many sudden movements (g-forces do a number on anything),