Corona Virus lockdowns.

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Jul 8, 2015
Firstly wishing good health and bright future to all those effected by the Corona Virus.
Especially those currently in lockdown.
Here in South Korea things are calm. We had a scary peak a few weeks ago but things have quietened since.
I recommend the Korean government's approach to beating this virus. Containment via massive testing and isolating cases.

Anyway here in Jeju I was locked down for 1 week last month.
4 visitors to the island had the virus but there has been no community transmission here.
During that week I didn't drive the car, and didn't think to disconnect the 12V battery.

When I did get back into the car I got some really weird errors.
The car would not go into the 'READY' state. Pushing the button and brake would only get into the 'ACC' state.
I was also getting lots of unusual warnings about the brakes.

My immediate assumption was that the 12V was low. I assumed I needed to jump-start, but because I was in a hurry I just kept trying the buttons.
After about a dozen tries the car started. The car has behaved completely normally since.

Ordinarily I would always say go get the car checked if you see brake warning lights. I didn't in this case because I was convinced it was a 12V battery error.