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Mine started new at 110. Now it's 93 on a warm day BUT it frequently gets way more than the initial range indicated. I drive for range.
We got a new battery last summer and figure that the GOM is reading ~20 miles under real-world range.
We have run it down to ~10% and recharged to full a couple of times, but it's not corrected itself.

Scheduled for the BMS and EPB recalls later this month, so we'll see how the former impacts range.
Be wary. I write this on hour 6 of my current visit to a Kia dealer. Kia had my Soul EV+ for 7 months, replacing gearbox and (supposedly) the BMS update and battery harness. After 2 weeks, complete battery failure, as described in the safety recall. Back to Kia this morning via tow. Now they are refusing a loaner until engineers in Korea have reviewed the diagnostics. Don't be mislead by the supposed 120 range; it's not real.
Another post that gives me pause in undertaking the BMS recall. Thanks.