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Nov 10, 2016
I am de owner of a new Kia Soul ev. I got it five weeks ago. It is a great car. But I have two problems:

Sometimes while driving I get the message 'Stop vehicle and check power supply'.
When I stops the car en sets the power off and on again the message disappears.
It happens to me 5 times in total.

Sometimes stops the charging automaticly after 5 minutes. But usually it charges well.
If it happans I start the charging again by plugging out and in again. After that it always charges well without interruption.
It happens in serveral situations: with my schuko-cable (240V), with my own charging unit at home (it has its own cable) and with public charging points (with the other cable with Mennekes plug).
It never happens with charging with CHAdeMO.
It happens to me about 10 times in total.
I drived in total about 2500 km with the car.

Of course I went to my Kia dealer with the problems.
They read the errors for 2 times: 3 weeks ago and yesterday.
Now they concluded the problems are probably related to eatch other: Probably the car needs a new dc converter. It is in order now.

I was wondering if someone is familiar with this problems.
And if a new dc converter is the right solution for this problems indeed.

Thanks in advance for your comment,

Tom van Vliet
from The Netherlands
(sorry for my poor English)
I am not sure about #1.

For #2, I would try this. Make sure you lock your car AFTER you plug in.
For a while, my wife would open the charge door, lock the car, then plug in and charging would stop after a few minutes.

I never had the issue, but I routinely locked after I plugged in. Once I asker her to follow my procedure she has not had the issue again.
We have never had this before on this forum but there is a similar report on the German forum.


Google Translate "Park the car and check battery power"

This is discussed on the Charging Fault Error thread because it ultimately lead to an OBC replacement. see - Re: Charging Fault error.

And now this just arrived on the Quebec forum -- Message «Arrêtez et vérifier l'alimentation!»
Sunday, I unplug my Soul and a funny message appears ....

"Stop and check the power supply!"

I leave it there and the next morning I go back to see everything and nothing works, the 12 volt battery seems to be discharged.

I have towed to the dealer, as stated in the manual in reference with this message. No response after three days, I was even told that it is probably because I left the interior light on, while the message appeared before the total discharge of the 12 volts ...

After reading a topic on the forum, I contact the dealer to talk to him about the update SA203, but it seems that this one is already performed on my Soul ...

Ideas, suggestions ???
SoulEV2016 said:
OBC include the DC-DC converter, i think ... ;) (like the ioniq)

No, in the Soul EV the DC-DC converter is part of the EPCU. It is the unit below the OBC. In the Ioniq EV they have merged the OBC and the DC-DC converter into one box. Info from EmergencyResponseGuideSoulEV.pdf



Interestingly the controller for all of this is run by the 12V battery

From the Quebec Forum
After a week of research and testing, my dealer and Kia Canada deduced that the problem was with the EPCU (Electric Power Control Unit). As far as I understand, the LDC side of this gadget transforms the high voltage into 12 volts for the battery and accessories. The part is in stock and should arrive this week.
Here the same:

Yesterday my Kia dealer called for an update.
In consultation with Kia Netherlands they concluded that my Soul ev needs a new EPCU.
The new EPCU is in order now.
It is expected in early December. Untill the replacement I can use my Soul ev.

According to de dealer the EPCU is an very expensive part: 11.000 Euro he said!
Luckily I have 7 years warranty.
There is a follow up report from Quebec.
... The installation of a new EPCU did not solve my problem ... My dealer works with Kia Canada to solve the problem ...
The first case of this failure as reported in Germany, ultimately led to a replacement of the OBC. I won't be surprised to see this happen again. This may be 2 separate errors that both need fixing, but if there is a pattern where both always need fixing together then obviously there is a link between the two, and a fault in one may be causing a fault in the other.
Most charging fault errors however do not involve the EPCU and show a completely different set of error messages.
I have read the German topic and the Candian topic as well.
Indeed it looks like my situation.
But there are also differences:

So I can use my car without a problem in most cases.
If I have a load failure: it is always going well the second time (after plug out and in again).

And the message 'Stop vehicle and check power supply' appears to me while I am driving the car.
It disappears if I stop and restart the car. And than I can continue my trip without any problem.

Of course I don't like this problems. And they need to be resolved.
After all it is a new car! You should enjoy it without any troubles.
But in the cases in Germany and Canada the cars did not drive anymore.
So it seems not exactly the same problems to me.

I hope the replacement of the EPCU resolve the problems in my case.
I let you know.

@JejuSoul: I saw you asked sometimes for the OBC version number. What can you see about it? Is it useful if I sent you mine?
Geinponem said:
Today the new EPCU is installed.
I hope the problems are solved now.
Yes, Good luck.

The car in Quebec was not so lucky.
Four weeks without my Soul ...
After several tests, my dealer, together with Kia Canada, will change the OBC (Charger on board) ...
If it works, I'll find my Soul EV on Thursday if not ..
Geinponem can you take a photo of the sticker on the OBC, so that if it is replaced in the near future you can give us a before and after shot. Similar to this.


Also if you are willing to take the plastic cover off. Then a photo of the EPCU sticker.


And please don't drop the camera inside the engine, while taking a picture.
In my case there are no differences in the stickers before and after the replacement.
But I can't find de 'Mando'-sticker.

And: how can I upload images in this forum?

Update of the isues:
Now I used the Kia Soul ev six days after the EPCU replacement without any problems.